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What to Expect... during your Boudoir Session

Jessica Fleming Photography - Boudoir PhotographerHow to feel Relaxed and Sexy when being Photographed…

Focus on Having Fun… your focus is on fun, mine is on getting great shots ;)

Visualize the experience of being a super-model! It works!!

Find Inspiration… movies, magazines, art… use these tools to find your style and sensibility – what is sexy to you?

Bring all you’ve got to the shot! Great pictures start with Gal’s who have stretched out of their comfort zone and gave it all they had.

Jessica Fleming Photography - Boudoir PhotographerBe Sensual… use all five senses during the shoot… enjoy some music, have a bite of chocolate, a sip of wine, put on a favorite scent, and wear a kick-ass outfit!

Be Silly… a few minutes of being silly usually takes care of the shyness!

Create movement… this isn’t about the right pose, it’s about energy… movement… capturing some sexy moves!

Be Yourself! Honor who you are, in this moment… don’t wait for just the right hair length – your time is now. You are sexy, beautiful, and strong just like you are!

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